The College of Engineering Welcomes New Students in an Informative Introductory Program that was Praised and Applauded

In the midst of a large student crowd, in Alfateh Alnumeer's Hall in the Southern Campus, the college of engineering welcomed the new students for the academic year 2020-2021, through an enlightening meeting, in the presence of Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, university principal, and Dr. Eltahir Abualgassim Mohamed Elshiekh, Dean of the College of Engineering, Galal Abdalrahman Mohammed Hammad, Dean of Admission and Registration, Suleiman Ahmed, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, heads of schools and departments, a large number of academic staff, representatives of the 50th student council, representatives of the Student Coordination at the College of Engineering, new students and parents.

University Principal

Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, university principal, welcomed the new students at the citadel of Science and Technology and indicated that Sudan University is one of the most distinguished universities in Sudan, because of its diversity of knowledge and a solid legacy in various fields of science and technology, which ensured progress in international rankings.

"Our university is a direct window overlooking the society in all its sectors, and students should benefit from all possibilities and experiences that exist in it. We always work hard to introduce modern and processions in the scientific fields and curricula", he added.

Dr. Elfatih Hassan also praised the role of the College of Engineering in providing all requirements for the teaching environment and academic aids such as laboratories, halls, workshops, and others. He also wished all the new students success in their academic career.

Dean of College of Engineering

Dr. Eltahir Abualgassim Mohamed Elshiekh, Dean of the College of Engineering, welcomed the students and their families.

"The educational process is a partnership between the college administration and the students, and we are happy to communicate with them", he added.

He also stressed the college administration’s keenness to provide support, competencies and learning experiences that help excel and achieve excellence, and announced that the doors of the college administration are open to receive students regarding anything interfering with their academic path, and secures the heritage, distinction and recognition of the College of Engineering at all local, regional and global levels.

Dean of Admission and Registration

Mr. Galal Abdalrahman Mohammed Hammad, Dean of Admission and Registration, reviewed through his speech, the instructions that help students avoid falling into violations that contradict the regulations and codes. He also directed the students to the necessity of owning and reviewing the regulations in order to avoid falling into violations.

Deputy Dean of Students Affairs

Mr. Suleiman Ahmed, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, congratulated the new students for joining the university, assuring them that they are in safe hands among the eminent professors and experts. He also briefed them on the programs of the Deanship of Student Affairs and extra-curricular activities in the cultural, creative, sports and other fields. He also called for combating bad and shameful behavior, and emphasized the support of students socially, healthily, and academically, and called on them to form communicative bodies with the Deanship, represented by socities and associations.

Students Representatives

The representative of the Fiftieth Council of Students, for the College of Engineering, Obai Abdulaziz, stated that one of their priorities is to pay attention to students’ academic issues, which are related to the appropriate environment for study. He said, “We strive to be the best university.” He added that one of the positive aspects of the change revolution is that it provided good opportunities for cooperation and fruitful communication with the university’s senior administration, thanking the administration for understanding critical students' issues and for the relentless and serious efforts. The representative also appealed to the need to form scientific associations and socities that play a major role in communication and student service.

The representative of the Student Coordination at the College of Engineering, Mojtaba Saad, welcomed the new students and promised them to speed up the formation of union bodies that preserve their rights and strive to solve all the issues and problems they face, and stressed on working in a team spirit to make their endeavors successful and achieve their goals.

Final Comments

The enlightening meeting included welcoming speeches from all heads of schools and heads of departments in the college, and the meeting concluded with an introductory tour for the new students in their classrooms, laboratories, workshops and the library.