Schools and Departments
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School of Mechanical Engineering
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School of Electrical and Nuclear Engineering
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School of Electronic Engineering
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School of Civil Engineering
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School of Surveying Engineering
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Biomedical Engineering
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Aeronautical Engineering
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Engineering Consultation and Training Center

Training Courses for Public

Provided by the Engineering Consultation and Training Center

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Dean Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of the College of Engineering at Sudan University of Science and technology (SUST). SUST has established a vision to educate the best and brightest of tomorrow’s leaders. The College of Engineering is part of the Sudan University of Science and Technology and carries out its business within the organizational framework of the University. The College of Engineering with its six schools and 21st departments play an important and critical role in SUST reaching its vision and goals.


Dr. Eltahir Abualgassim Mohamed Elshiekh