The College of Engineering and ISES Celebrate the World Engineering Day 2022

The Integration of SUST Engineering Societies (ISES) organized a remarkable celebration, which was attended by engineering students in the Southern Campus, on the occasion of the International Day of Engineering, supervised by UNESCO and the Sustainable Development Program, which is held on the fourth of March annually. This year's celebration came under the slogan "Safety Engineering for Sustainable Development".

The celebration was attended by Professor Mahdi Abbas Shakak, acting vice chancellor of the University, and Dr. Taqwa Ahmed Musa, the intergation supervisor, and Dr. Aamir Abdullatif Dean, Head of the Engineering Consultation Department at the Engineering Consultation and Training Center and head of the Peace Engineering ECHO Hub at the Faculty of Engineering, representatives of engineering associations and organizations, engineering graduates, students and those interested in the field.

Professor Shakak valued the roles played by engineering societies and students of the College of Engineering in advancing the field of engineering integration, noting that the spearhead in sustainable development goals (SDGs) and making positive change belongs to the creative and innovative engineers with integrative ideas, especially in light of the current conditions the country is going through.

His Excellency also noted the need to achieve the desired and important goals of democratic sustainability, and said, “The College of Engineering represents the right arm and the true nucleus of the university, and of which we are proud in all forums and events.”

Professor Shakak also called for the care and development of engineering projects submitted by students and their inclusion within the contents of the official university website to reflect the scientific and research effort provided by the scientific incubator and its cadres at the university. He also indicated that the university administration gives great importance to communication with students and always seeks to aid and provide support and solve all their issues or what hinders their academic career.

Dr. Taqwa Ahmed Mousa expressed her happiness with the celebration on time. She said, “The students spent an appreciated and mighty effort that yielded success and reflected creativity.” She explained that the integrative process between global organizations and associations and their smart partnership with the College of Engineering achieved the desired goals that were manifested in the development of engineering works, sponsorship of ideas and patents, and awareness of the necessity of turning around the issues and interests of engineering students as well as internal and external communication and she stressed the importance of linking engineering disciplines with each other and working in a team spirit.

Dr. Taqwa also explained that the idea was developed by engineering integration associations that seek innovation, organize concepts and cross-fertilize visions. She said, “Our goal in the future is to build a strong base in which graduates meet with their colleagues at the university. We thank all those organizations and associations who supported the program.”

It is worth mentioning that Professor Shakak inaugurated the participating exhibitions accompanying the celebration, which reflected the efforts of the students and their scientific projects with the participation of the Ministry of Health, engineering institutions, student engineering associations and societies.