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The college was founded in 1975 after merging 6 different independent institutes. These institutes are: -Technical Teachers Institute. -Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute. -Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Institute. -Spinning and Weaving Institute. -Surveying Engineering Institute. -Laboratory Technician Institute. The six institutes have become departments in the College of Engineering Studies. B.Sc degree programs started in 1983. In 1990, the Polytechnic becomes SUST and the College was renamed College of Engineering and new departments were added to it such as: Petroleum Engineering, Biomedical Engineering etc, and in 1997, Aeronautical Engineering was lunched as the first aeronautical engineering department in Sudan. In 2005, the leather and Plastic Engineering departments were added. Recently, in 2007 two new departments were added viz: Chemical and Nuclear Engineering departments, thus the departments number has become 13.