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• By 2020 the college will become the best in Sudan, Arabic world and Africa that is due to the experience in the research, engineering consultancy and services, as well as diversity of the programs to develop the society welfare by using available technologies in communication and other aspect of life so as to merge the society in all Sudan.
• To use international levels in educational theoretical and applied scientific research to be able to serve the society, to attract scientists, teaching staff and students of high quality, qualified graduates and candidates to contribute to development and transfer of technology.
• College has to become the bridge to the industrial development.


• Provide students with a quality engineering education.

Serve the Sudanese society in developing the industrial and health institutes

• Train engineers, technician with the best tools and techniques

• Serve the national, regional, and international societies with brilliant research in different areas and to swap the technical illiteracy.

• Participate and provide services for the benefit of society effectively to develop human knowledge.

• Participate in the economic and social development using the latest technology


  • Recognize the need for engineering, scientific and technical training
  • Promote knowledge and humanities through scientific and methodological research
  • Search solutions for industrial problems
  • Design and promote field,laboratory studies and scientific researches.
  • Cooperate and exchange expertise with national and international counterparts.
  • Graduate engineering cadre who are able to achieve industrial and engineering shift
  • Promote professional careers.
  • Raise engineering awareness and offer engineering advises and consults.
  • Devote the College’s potentials for the welfare of the Sudanese people.

  • Organize programmes and conferences dealing with Islamic heritage with respect to technology and engineering
  • Sponsor scientific societies to serve the national goals